Monday, August 16, 2010


Photograph by Michael Nichols
Scorpians have survived for hundreds of millions of years by being extremely adaptable. Some, like this orange-colored species in the Grand Canyon, dwell in desert climes, while others inhabit the tropics, temperate forests, and even Himalayan high peaks

Grand Canyon
Photograph by Michael Nichols
The pastel-orange of the Grand Canyon's sandstone walls dominates the view from the vantage known as SB Point. The canyon’s rock layers display a geological history some two billion years old.

Orange Coral
Photograph by Tim Laman
A tubastraea coral waves its wispy, orange tentacles near Sangeang Island, Indonesia. Coral reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, but they support one out of every four marine creatures

Birds, Germany
Photograph by Norbert Rosing
Birds fill an orange sky over Germany’s Wattenmeer National Park. This coastal wetland, covered by the sea at high tide, is home to some 3,200 different animals and a popular stopover for many migratory birds

Orange Tulips
Photograph by James Blair
Vibrant tulips brighten the Samuels Bulb Garden at St. Louis's Missouri Botanical Garden. Established in 1859, the garden is an internationally recognized center for botanical research and a year-round urban oasis for flower fans.

Insulation Fibers
Photograph by James Amos
Molten glass is turned into insulation at the Johns-Manville Corporation in Berlin, New Jersey The orange-hot fluid is forced through holes in a palladium sheet to form long, thin fibers

Turkish Wheat Field
Photograph by James Stanfield
Knobby haystacks dot a wheat field in Malazgirt, Turkey, as sunset bathes two workers in hazy orange light.

Lake Michigan Sunset
Photograph by Todd Gipstein
An orange-tinged sunset provides the backdrop for a sailboat on Lake Michigan. This 321-mile-long (517-kilometer-long) body of water is the only Great Lake located entirely within the United States

Cowboy Boot, New Mexico
Photograph by Todd Gipstein
Sunset casts a spurred boot in silhouette in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Such icons of the Old West still have a proud place in everyday New Mexican life.

Giraffes, Botswana
Photograph by Chris Johns
A balance of playful yellow and passionate red, orange commands attention without overwhelming. This often flamboyant color brings to mind citrus and sunsets, fall leaves, and jack-o'-lanterns. Orange has even been found to stimulate appetite and creativity in humans.
Here, three giraffes in Botswana's Okavango Delta stretch their necks above the horizon before a glowing orange sky.

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